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Couples Edition

Maternity Sessions Don't Need to be Traditional

Spicy Meets Traditional

Whether you want a full maternity boudoir experience or a full day session with both Traditional and Spicy Maternity Photographs, our Calgary Boudoir Studio is happy to help you bring your vision to light!

Maternity meets Sexy

Growing a baby is pretty Fierce

This won't be everyone's cup of tea, but we really love it. Embracing your sexuality and femineity with a luxury boudoir session for your maternity portraits is pretty extraordinary.

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Want to include your partner?

As Calgary's Maternity Boudoir Photography Studio, we are so excited when partners want to join in on the fun. Maternity boudoir is a super intimate and sexy way to look back on this time of your life.

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Calgary Couples Boudoir Photographer

Empowering Women is the Key To building the Future we want

Calgary boudoir photographer
Calgary Maternity Photographer
Calgary Maternity Boudoir Photographer

Passion and Connection

In our opinion traditional maternity photos are stiff, and unexciting, and while they have a place and are something we offer, we love the connection our clients have with each other as they get to be a little more intimate and with each other, vs awkward poses!

Maternity Boudoir is a bold and vibrant keepsake for couples who want to remember how connected they felt in the weeks and months pre becoming parents.

Calgary Couples Boudoir Photographer