Calgary Family Photography
Calgary Family Photographer

Photographing your connections as a family is my goal.

Calgary Family Photographer

My belief is that every person should be framed in the moments they’ve felt the most loved and cared for.

Calgary Family Photographer
Calgary Family Photographer

Mckinnon Flats, Calgary Family Photographer

We live in such a fast Paced digital era. Our photos are quickly swiped away on our phones and computers. Photographs are our memories, we share and forget, in this life of social media. Our portraits hold such a profound ability, to bring us back to the moments in time that were our life, then. The love, laughter, connections. Photographs simply tell our story, in a glimpse at a time. Photographs freeze a moment in time, it preserves our memories and emotions in that split moment of time. Portraits serve as visual reminders to our past, connections us to the moments in time that matter, and the people in our lives who matter.

Photographs evoke our strongest emotions, allowing us to relive experiences and understand history of ourselves and our lives. They're a strong and powerful medium for storytelling and communication, that enables us to share our perspectives and stories with others but also, hold them near to our own families and hearts.

They become a treasured legacy to pass down through many generations, strengthening family ties and fostering a sense of belonging.

In this post, I will navigate through five compelling reasons why you should consider investing in capturing family memories through tangible family portrait photography. From preserving milestones and documenting growth to fostering self-esteem and creating a sense of identity, tangible family photos have immense power in shaping our lives and relationships.

So, it's time to take your albums out of the drawer or schedule a photo session with me, a professional baby, child, and family photographer – because the power of family photos is something that should never be underestimated.

Calgary Family Photographer

Preserving family history through photos

Preserving your families legacy through photography is a timeless way to capture cherished moments and stories for generations to come. Choosing a Calgary Family Photographer who is versed in the area, and appreciates capturing connective family moments, is critical.

Through the use of photography the right photographer will skillfully weave together the essence of your families history, encapsulating the warmth of connections and the beauty of your shared experiences. My job is not simply photographing your family, but my expertise lies in crafting visual narratives that encapsulate the unique spirit of your family.

From documenting your maternity photos, through to birth, newborn Portraits and Family portrait sessions, we will immortalize your families legacy throughout the process.

Choosing a full service photographer eases your journey through selecting your images that you will choose to pass down to your family. With heirloom albums, and exquisite wall art, that will stand the test of time, your memories will be treasured and past along for generations to come. The only thing that remains once we are gone, are our photographs, and memories. Selecting a photographer who specializes in high quality products protects your families legacy.

Calgary Family Photographer

A Fun, Stress-Free Family Portrait Experience.

At Ember + Coal Photography, it is my pleasure and joy to specialize in portraits family photography that captures the moments that are your families bond and personality. Family sessions are stress-free, so we can authentically capture your families love through Portrait Photography. I will guide you and help with all the planning and preparations that go into creating the most incredible experience for your family photos. I guarantee you will fall in love with your families portraits, time and time again.

Family sessions with Ember + Coal Photography, are of mixed variety. I understand the timeless love of a standard portrait, but appreciate the essence and joy of capturing true and authentic family connections.

We will work through serveral posed portraits, and we will also adapt as your children need. Sometimes that is a snuggle with mom, or a race across the field, or running full speed down a creek bed, splashing water! Whatever that looks like, I will guide you through the process to capture your family's love.

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Calgary Family Photographer
Calgary Family Photographer