Calgary Boudoir Studio - The Rain Room Addition

The Rain Room is taking your boudoir session and elevating it to the next level. This limited time set will blow your mind.

Step into the extraordinary world of boudoir photography experience in Calgary, Featuring the Rain Room. Immerse yourself in the sensuality of a rain-kissed ambiance, capturing moments that defy the ordinary. This limited-time oppurtunity promises an unmatched fusion of intimacy and sexuality, that transcends expectations. Act now to secure your spot and elevate your boudoir experience to new heights.

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The Rain Room

Whether you want to use the rain room as an add-on to a full day boudoir experience, where we pamper you, and empower you all day, or you're looking to just embrace the sexiness of the rain room, We have collections available for a limited time to create your dream session.

We offer full day experiences including complimentary hair and make up, Snacks, A client wardrobe, and to finish your day off, our team has sourced the best production companies in the world, to create your forever keepsakes.

You will leave your Ember + Coal Boudoir Experience on top of the world.

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