Calgary Boudoir Photographer

Why Does a boudoir Session cost so much?

Calgary boudoir photographer
Calgary boudoir photographer

Listen we Get it - Spending money on yourself is hard!


The first thing you should ask yourself if you’re considering booking a boudoir session is "Why do I want to do this"
Let me guess
-You've had children and want to feel sexy
-Your confidence isn't what it once was
-You want to step out of your comfort Zone

Just to list a few

What goes Into your Experience

Investing with a luxury studio in Calgary, like Ember + Coal, you will get a day of pampering.
Professional Hair and Makeup, Access to our luxury client closet, a complimentary fitting appointment, full day of session, private ordering appointment.

We handle everything for you

Empowerment, Confidence, Trust

Listen, there is a lot of Calgary Boudoir Photographers, Don't just select your boudoir photographer, based on price. You are trusting another human being with your Confidence, and How you will see yourself through these photos. Not just anyone will do.

Leave your session Empowered

Boudoir Photography all about empowering yourself

I've heard some horror stories in this industry, and we're not talking murder in a hotel room, because you trusted a random cheap photographer off the internet......
But I am talking about clients leaving their sessions feeling broken, sad, and completely shattered that their photos did not bring them the confidence and empowerment they were seeking.
Finding a Calgary boudoir photographer who aligns with your vision, and values you and takes the time to build your trust should be a non-negotiable

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We don't take this responsibility lightly.

Posing, Lighting, Style

I am sure you've seen Boudoir Photographers in Calgary, charging $75-$500 for a session.

They are out there, Chances are, those photographers are just starting out, and we've all been there! There is absolutely space for them in this industry.

Things to consider -

Those photographers most likely haven’t done their research, invested in education, and may not know how to pose bodies of all shapes and sizes, don't know how to light you in the most flattering ways, and don't offer any products above digitals.

I can’t tell you how many of our clients have had boudoir photos taken by another photographer who was “budget friendly,” and then ended up coming to us. Why? Cheap boudoir photographer = cheap experience, products and images.

You truly do get what you pay for. Boudoir is like fine dining, not McDonalds. You wouldn't go to the Keg expecting to pay fast food prices.

Your Confidence Needs To be at its peak when your done, not destroyed!

Those clients who have come to us after a bad experience with a cheap photographer tend to have the same complaints.

The most common ones are that they felt rushed, were given little to no guidance on posing, or they were posed in a way that was not flattering to their body.

One girl I recently had in the studio so broken by her experience with a “cheap” photographer that she didn’t feel good enough about herself to try again for THREE YEARS. Three years!!!! (if you're a photographer reading this, PLEASE for the love of all things, If you are not confident in delivering a boudoir experience your clients won't need therapy from, go to some workshops)!

Cheap boudoir can have the opposite effect of what you're hoping - it can destroy your confidence instead of building you up.

This is what “cheap boudoir” can get you. If you want to see yourself in a new light, and love the body that you have, you need a true professional--someone who knows how to pose you and has invested in boudoir-specific education.

We understand as Calgary's Luxury Boudoir Studio that you are a human and not just a paycheck that we have to blow through as many sessions as we can so we can make bank... Okay

So, what is a boudoir experience with us like?

Well, it’s just that. It’s an EXPERIENCE, not just a photoshoot!

We know how to capture beautiful, flattering photos of all shapes, sizes, colors and styles. We have spent hundreds of hours (and thousands of dollars) on training on everything from hair and makeup to posing and editing and beyond!

So what goes into a session with us?

We take the time to GET TO KNOW YOU, Understand your vision, your WHY... What about these photos, are significant.

This isn't just your average show up, shoot, and go on your way, we take care of you and hold your trust and confidence with the utmost care and love, and respect.

Things Included in your Experience.

Phone consultation prior to session

Pre-Session Fitting Appointment in the studio

Emails/messages back and forth prior to session

Preparation/set-up time prior to shoot

Wrap up/clean-up after shoot

Hair, Makeup by Our professional Team

Your Session Time

Post-processing, editing and retouching

Album and prints - design, ordering, quality control, etc

Education (per shoot, minimum)

Social Media, website, blog, managing the business

Meeting with you to ensure you receive your Products and portraits

This is not just your standard session.

This is your boudoir EXPERIENCE.

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