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Calgary boudoir photographer - trash the dress

Calgary Boudoir Photographer

Anniversary day? How about Burn that shit down, Day.

Time to step into the fiercest and boldest moments of your life.
On the weekend of your what should have been wedding anniversary, in the EXACT place you were marrie - we step in and walk into a new ERA. The bold, and powerful era.
Our Calgary, Alberta Boudoir Photography Studio, has the massive luxury of being able to shoot amongst the mountains and picturesque river banks.
Find your power - and step into the fiercest session of your life.

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Not only did we burn shit down, in this Boudoir-esque Session, We celebrated Alysha, as we dove into a badass smoke bomb component of celebration.

These divorce sessions aren't new - photographers and divorced women have been executing them for years.

What's so exciting about it, is each woman's story is different, and watching them process the "wow were going to burn this", to "Holy fuck we just did that" is profound as f.

There is something about boudoir, and divorce sessions, and watching women see themselves in a new light, with new power, and boldness that makes boudoir such a fulfilling and beautiful experience.

Calgary boudoir photographer - Burn the Wedding Dress by the river
Calgary boudoir photographer - Burn the Wedding Dress by the river
Calgary boudoir photographer - Burn the Wedding Dress by the river

Find your FIRE - and never let it fizzle out

Divorce and Empowerment

Scheduling your divorce or empowerment session - some things to consider.
Your Calgary Boudoir Photographer, should have experience in these types of sessions!
Just like your wedding, this is a once in a lifetime oppurtunity! (at least we hope).

Empowered women, Empower Women

More Important than your Wedding

Listen getting married is cool - but if that marriage is over, it's time to focus on you. Finding you, celebrating you, empowering, YOU! Falling in love with YOU. While burning your wedding dress is pretty fucking symbolic, this about YOU!

You're worth it

Finish it off With a Celebration

You are a badass, fierce Queen, who deserves to see herself in the light that I see women. Specializing in Boudoir, has allowed me to see women exactly for what they are, Bold, Vibrant, beautiful, Strong, Incredible.

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