Calgary Boudoir Photographer

Why does it matter who you choose to be YOUR boudoir Photographer.

Lets just get this one out of the way immediately. SAFETY.

A well established photographer who offers a video call consult should be a non-negotiable for you. It is for us. We get on a call with all our clients where we can see who we are talking to, it keeps us and our staff safe, and you should be prioritizing this also.

If you are just paying for a session and showing up to a downtown Calgary Hotel Room, Please be safe.

We have a studio located just outside of Calgary in Langdon, Alberta, where all of our clients come to.

Every session can include an in person fitting appointment, where you can come meet Tylor the owner of Ember + Coal, prior to your session, also.

We offer professional hair and makeup to all our clients, which also gives us more time to get to know each other. Firm beliefs run through us, that building a relationship with our clients is the most important aspect of giving our clients the best experience.

Calgary Boudoir Photographer


Trust us with your experience, confidence and empowerment.

Trusting us, and our years of experience, coupled with our luxury experience, we promise your confidence will be soaring after your boudoir session with us.

We have sought out the best in hair in makeup, the best gear, and have a fully inclusive studio. All bodies are beautiful and should be celebrated. During your Boudoir Session, it will just be you and I, and I am the ultimate hype girl.

You will feel vibrant, bold and fierce.

Trust our Experience with your confidence.

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