We know we said Best Date "Night" But - Hear me out.

But, also the more I think about this, it's going to be about food.....

The photo you just seen is from our Calgary Boudoir Photography Studio, in the Exclusive Rain room.

A luxury couples boudoir session - might be the spiciest way to kick you off into the Best Date Night Ever.

We will get into the best date night ideas in just a hot minute!

Our luxury Couples Experiences, include the complimentary rainroom, and if you know of anything hotter than that? I don't even know what to tell you.

After an incredible experience in the rain room, we head into the studio to get hair and makeup completed, and get you and your partner ready for a fiercely hot boudoir session, together......

After your session, you're hair and make up is on POINT- you feel a bad ass connection with your partner, now, it's time to go out and have fun.

Calgary boudoir photographer

The Banquet In the University District

Recently a client invited us out for her birthday to the Banquet, and let me tell you, I had no idea how much fun that place was.

If you remember Schanks in its glory days? Or did that just age me, hard???

The billiards, mini putt, you know all the fun things?

Well The Banquet was the New and improved version, In my opinion.

The mini Bowling lanes were a literal blast. And perfect for those of us, who are let's just say "challenged" at bowling.

There is a giant price is right wheel, and I am not sure what it's for, but it looks cool.

The food was not to shabby, if I do say so myself, I ordered a burger and I am a burger obsessed kinda lady, and it hit the mark.

Also - their sober options for drinking should you be a sober human, or be sober curious were great. Just don't call it "prohibition" beer, because their waitstaff will look at you like you grew a second head. (haha).

There is a Saskatoon Sober Beer, by "One for the road" and holy shit... let me tell you, I immediately ordered a case for home.

This place was a blast. 10/10 would go again.

Calgary boudoir photographer
*Image from the www.Banquetbar.com - Go check them out.

The Nash ....

Also a damn good burger....

As I write these out, I am seeing a trend...

I base my date nights, on how good the burger is?

Clearly I am a foodie.

We do love the Nash Though!

My husband is obsessed with their fish and chips, and on a slow Saturday afternoon, you can grab a seat in the bar, and play a game of crib....

Oh my gosh, this whole blog is me aging myself, isn't it?


Oh well, it is what it is.

I can't comment on the drinks or any of the other food, but the slow paced lunch and crib boards on the tables, was exactly what I had been looking for. We tried some other restaurant in that neighborhood, and we waited for 45 minutes and no one even come to our table....

Listen, I run a service based business, and that was enough for me to never go back there. Not even a simple "Ill Be with you" after we were seated. So we wandered through the streets, and the Nash is where we settled. We've been back a few times now to the Nash, and we've never been disappointed..

It's also great walking around there, cute shops, by the river, and in the vicinity of downtown Calgary.

As I sit here thinking of all the fun stuff we've done, somehow I am always going back to the food..... If the food is good, I am usually happy. Either I have a problem, and I am grumpy without food, ORRR I have a problem and I am obsessed with a bomb ass meal. 

Those freaking E-Scooters....

Have you ever rode one of those, well holy shit are they fun.

Want a relatively cheap date night, 10/10 get on one of those things, and giver.

A friend had left theirs at our house one time for a few weeks, and let me tell you, I become a pro e-scoot"er" !! I'm dying just writing this of laughter. It was fucking fun. I can't tell you how many hours I put on that thing, but it was a good time.

I definitely wanted one of my own for at least a year after, but the practicality wasn't there, given I live in a small town... and everything is just as fast to walk to.

BUT, it was on the radar for a hot minute.

Calgary boudoir photographer
Calgary boudoir photographer
Calgary boudoir photographer